Which NBA teams are the most vulnerable?

When the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Milwaukee Bucks, the fans were treated to some of the best basketball on the planet.

The game was interrupted for an intermission and, during the break, the two teams exchanged words over the noise and trash that littered the court.

The tension quickly turned to excitement when Cleveland went on to beat the Bucks, 106-90.

Here are five reasons why the Cavs are the least vulnerable in the Eastern Conference.


Their defensive rebounding has been a concern for some time The Cavs have the worst rebounding percentage in the NBA at a paltry .862.

The Bucks rank fifth at .932 and the Cleveland’s defense has struggled to consistently stay in front of opponents.

The Cavs’ rebounding numbers are good but not spectacular, and the Bucks have been far better than the Cavs on the defensive glass.

It was the Cavs’ first game without a true rim protector, so there was a sense of panic on both sides of the ball that was amplified by a lack of depth at the back end of the bench.

This is a team that has struggled offensively for much of the season and the fact that they were outscored by 12 points in the first quarter was a major blow.

The Cavaliers have had a difficult time finding enough balance offensively and the lack of rim protection could be one of the reasons.

They will have to find a way to get back to that level quickly if they hope to keep pace with the Bucks and avoid a third straight loss.


They’ve struggled to get stops The Cavs are one of two teams that have been unable to convert a field goal on more than one possession this season.

They are also the only team in the East to have a field goals per game below 30, which is unacceptable given the way that they’re playing.

The Milwaukee Bucks have attempted a whopping 13 threes this season and are just two behind the Cleveland for the most such attempts.

The two teams have also been outrebounded by a combined 31 points, which would seem to put a dent in their defensive rebuffing and shooting percentages.

The biggest factor that could cause these issues is the lack in defensive depth at their back end.

It is difficult to find adequate depth on a team like the Cavs that has a star point guard and a rim protector and a defensive presence at the point guard position.


They have had no real rim protector Since the All-Star break, two of the Cavs most important players have been Brandon Knight and LeBron James.

In recent games, Knight has struggled with the injury bug, as the Cavs have lost six of their last seven games.

James has also struggled to stay healthy.

The Cleveland defense has been one of its worst all season, which has made them susceptible to a lot of easy baskets.

This team has also been forced to rely on perimeter players to make plays on the perimeter.

It’s no secret that the Cavs were one of last season’s elite defensive teams and that they will be even more difficult to defend this season because of the lack and depth on the back court.


They’re underperforming offensively This is one of those things that should be obvious by now.

Cleveland has been inconsistent all season long and that was on full display against the Lakers.

It wasn’t until the final minute of regulation that the Bucks finally got on the board, but it was too late.

The first half was spent in transition, when the Cavs couldn’t find a rhythm, and they had the ball for only 18 seconds in the second half.

The most disappointing part of the game for Cleveland was that it was the first time since the All Star break that they didn’t find the basket.

They could have gone up by double digits at any point during the game and were on their way to a blowout.

The lack of shooting and the inability to get to the line is one area where they will have trouble making the playoffs.


They haven’t been good at scoring point.

It hasn’t been great for the Cavs this season, either.

They rank dead last in the league in offensive rating and they rank 22nd in points per game.

While that may not sound like much, it’s the lowest number of points per 100 possessions in the history of the NBA.

That number is well below the NBA average of 37.4 points per hundred possessions.

While they have been able to find some offense through the middle of the court, they’ve struggled on the block.

The team has a whopping seven players averaging less than 10 points per possession and the number of players with at least six points per shooting attempt is even more staggering.

That’s just not a recipe for success in the playoffs or in the long run.

The last thing that the Cavaliers need is to be a team without a scoring threat, especially when they have a solid perimeter player at the center position in LeBron James, who has scored over 23 points per contest this season but has yet to get a single bucket.


They need a big man to step up on the


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