When the ACC basketball conference was founded, the game’s biggest rival was Wake Forest

In the early days of the ACC Basketball Conference, it was a lot like the modern NCAA tournament.

The conference was a place where teams were grouped by conference affiliation, but that didn’t mean the conference’s biggest rivals had to go into hiding.

The league was made up of teams from a handful of regional conferences, which in turn had their own divisions and conferences.

There were four major conferences at the time: the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, and Pac-12.

These four conferences formed the backbone of the conference.

They each had their very own conference championship games, as well as the most prestigious basketball games.

It was a messy, often chaotic time.

But by the time the ACC was formed in 1960, the ACC had established itself as one of the nation’s most competitive basketball conferences.

The first ACC basketball championship game was played in 1961 against Duke, who had already won their first conference title.

Since then, the conference has played every other conference championship game, and there were seven conference championships from 1963 through 1973.

The ACC had its share of rivals.

The Atlantic Coast Conference had Florida State, Syracuse, and Notre Dame, while the Big East had the Big Ten and Big 12.

And the Mountain West had Utah, Fresno State, and UNLV.

The NCAA also played a few basketball games against rival conferences.

In fact, when the NCAA first formed in 1920, it didn’t even have the Big 12, but the Mountain States had it anyway.

But it wasn’t just the rivalries that kept the ACC competitive.

The rivalry was also a source of entertainment.

The teams were competing for fan attention, and the teams were also competing for money.

If the ACC wasn’t competitive, its rivals would take notice.

That’s where the NCAA tournament came in.

The tournament is the only way to bring the best teams from the conferences that are competing.

The best teams in each conference compete for the championship.

The conferences that get to the tournament play for a spot in the championship game.

If they win, they play in the national championship.

If not, they are left out of the tournament.

If a team wins the championship, the other team loses.

The winning team is the one who plays in the tournament, and if the losing team wins, they go to the semifinals.

The semifinals are usually the most intense, with each team battling to see who will advance.

The loser of the semifinals goes to the national semifinals, where the winner plays against the next-best team from the conference they played in the regular season.

The winner gets to face the next best team from that conference, and so on.

If one team beats the other in the bracket, they advance to the championship in the semifinals, but if the other loses in the first round, they have to play in a second round.

If both teams win in the second round, the bracket will be decided by a coin flip.

If there’s a coin toss, the first team to knock off the opposing team in the coin toss gets to play.

If it’s a tie, a coin will be placed in front of the teams.

The second and third teams in the group will each be chosen at random.

Whoever has the best record at the end of the round will advance to play for the national title.

The championship game can be a little boring.

For example, imagine you have four teams from four different conferences.

Each team plays one game against another team.

The one team that wins that game is the winner of the first game, so they can advance to face another team in that game.

But the loser of that game gets to start from the losers bracket.

If either team wins that round, that team gets to get to play the next round.

But that’s not all.

They have to go to play a third round.

The fourth and final game in the round, on a neutral court, is the best of the group.

So if the fourth team beats a team from another conference, they can play that team in a game against a team they played against in the previous round.

Or if a team loses in that round to a team that was from a different conference, that game will be played in that conference’s quarterfinals.

So in a sense, if you’re playing the national champion, you’re also playing the best team in your conference.

And then in the final round, a game between the national champions and the worst team in their conference, you’ll play a matchup between the worst and the best.

The games are pretty entertaining.

But they’re also pretty difficult to watch.

The last two times the ACC played the national champ, in 2005 and 2013, the teams couldn’t even win a coin-flip match.

That year, the NCAA also won a couple of games, but only by one point.

In 2005, the winner lost to Kentucky in the quarterfinals by


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