What to watch for in college basketball in the coming weeks

A few days ago, a lot of people started discussing how college basketball is headed down a path of diminishing returns.

There was the inevitable criticism that we’re all stuck in a cycle of declining participation.

It was a legitimate complaint, and I agree with it.

In my experience, college basketball’s future seems bleak.

In fact, there are plenty of other topics that we’ve been hearing about lately that are more interesting than the decline of college basketball.

Here are a few of them: 1.

How will we be able to keep pace with the growth of technology in the sport?

In the past two years, the NCAA has been steadily increasing its presence on the mobile app platform.

This has allowed for increased access to teams and players.

The NBA is also expanding its digital footprint, with more players able to be viewed and accessed via mobile devices.

The NCAA has said it wants to keep this growth up, and this is something that we will need to work on over the next few years.


How does a player’s salary affect the future of college hoops?

The average NBA player earns $7.6 million annually.

This is a very expensive number to live on, but it’s a number that should be affordable for most players.

A player’s playing time is also very important.

As a result, some teams are able to pay players more than their entire annual salary.

If we were to cut the number of games and the salaries of our top performers by 25% this would put our average player’s yearly income at $15 million.


Will players be able buy out their contracts in the event of an injury?

This is another topic that we are still trying to sort out.

There have been several injuries to college players that have impacted their pay, and players are currently being compensated in a variety of ways.

For example, there has been a recent increase in player salaries due to a knee injury.

This also raises the question of what is fair for players, whether they should be compensated for a knee replacement, or a long-term injury.

We have been hearing for the last year that the current rules around player compensation for injuries to the knee are unfair, and it’s an issue that will be dealt with through negotiations and player-friendly rule changes in the future.


Will a higher salary help the NCAA to recruit better players?

The NCAA is a business and the NCAA can’t afford to hire players who are paid to play games at the expense of the quality of college athletics.

While the NCAA is not the only organization that must contend with this issue, it’s something that should not be ignored.

For the past several years, many colleges have been recruiting college basketball to bring in more students, and the fact that a large percentage of college athletes are earning salaries in the millions means that college athletics is not being able to attract the best talent.

This situation has led to a decrease in the number and quality of games that college basketball plays, and there is concern that this will continue.


Will the number increase as college basketball teams expand and grow?

As the NCAA and the NBA expand their presence on mobile and other platforms, it is important for the college basketball fan to know the impact this will have on their experience of college sports.

Will it help the teams to have more games played on the platforms?

Will the revenue from this increase be enough to cover the costs of additional travel?

Does the increased revenue help the schools to recruit the best players?

Will they be able afford to pay their coaches better?

In addition to these questions, the growth in mobile is also making it harder for college basketball players to be able play at home.

A recent study by the NCAA found that only 12% of players on teams in the NCAA’s top 50 conferences had the ability to travel for games.

This suggests that many players have lost the ability of playing home games at a time when the number on teams is increasing.


Will NCAA Basketball be forced to sell its teams?

There are a number of ways that the NCAA could sell its sports teams.

This could include a sale of its television rights, or possibly a move to a new national television network.

In the end, I don’t think the NCAA will be forced into a sale, but I do believe that we should at least be able take a hard look at the possibility of selling its teams in order to help pay for future development of the sport.


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