How to play the Oklahoma State Bobcats without the shoe

With Oklahoma State’s basketball team set to start the season in Los Angeles, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he is “hopeful” to see Oklahoma State basketball play in the NBA’s first season in the city.

Oklahoma State has yet to play a game in Los Feliz, the city that hosts the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, but it is looking forward to hosting a game for the first time since the NBA relocated to the city in 2014. 

“We’re looking forward [to playing] in LA,” Silver said during a news conference Thursday.

“We’re excited to play there, we’re excited for the opportunity to host this game, and we’re hopeful we can do it there.” 

With the league looking to play in Los Angelos first NBA game in 20 years, Silver said the NBA has been in talks with Oklahoma State about playing a game there, and Oklahoma State is looking to host a game if possible.

“I think that’s a great thing to have happen, because it’s going to give us an opportunity to show our fans in LA that we’re going to be there and playing,” Silver told reporters. 

Silver said he expects to see more of Oklahoma State in Los Angels in the coming weeks and months.

“It would be great to have a team that’s playing well in LA, and I think we will have that opportunity to do that, but I’m also hopeful we get to do it in New Orleans,” Silver added. 

With NBA commissioner Silver, Oklahoma State assistant coach Scott Storch, Oklahoma coach Lon Kruger, and a few other players taking a break to visit their hometown of Kosholwe, Kansas, the team’s next home is in Oklahoma City. 

Kruger said his players will have to work hard to get ready for the upcoming NBA season. 

“(The) schedule is a little bit difficult to get it in order,” Kruger said.

“There are going to come a point where I’m going to have to get my guys to be able to play and play at a high level, and that’s going be our challenge.” 

Storch said he thinks the team will be good for at least a couple of months before they start to get better.

“They’re getting ready for it.

We’re not just going to sit back and say, ‘Well, we’ll just go out and get a win,'” Storcy said. 

Stori Chabot, who coached the Oklahoma squad in 2015-16, is a former NBA player.

She said her experience with Oklahoma will help her prepare for the season.

“There are some things I can learn that I have not had to do in the past, like what you do on the court.

I’m not going to go into it and go, ‘Oh, here’s all the things I have to do.’

I know how much we have to learn, and it’s a little daunting,” Chabote said.


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